Legal Check Up


Legal Check Up

As we’re coming to the end of the year, it’s time to do a legal check up. It’s the perfect time, since you’re probably getting all your medical, insurance and tax information together for the end of year.

Let’s make sure your personal legal well being is in order and you are protected.

Your attorney can review tax documents to make sure you have adequate records and also review any contracts you’ve signed to make sure you are protected.


If you have had a marriage, divorce, birth or death you may need to revise your will. Your attorney can make sure your spouse and children (grandchildren) are protected and receive the benefits you are leaving for them. If you have young children you will also need to clearly identify who the guardians would be of your children if something should happen to you.

Medical emergencies happen. Your attorney can make sure you have all the legal forms in place, such as health care power of attorney and do you want extraordinary measures taken to save your life or not.

Your attorney can also check your insurance, retirement plans and investment accounts to make sure you are covered and on a healthy track financially.

John E Choate, Jr - Attorney at Law

Just like you need to have a family doctor and yearly checkups, having a family lawyer can keep you legally healthy.
If you need a family lawyer, contact Attorney John Choate Jr at the Conroe Law Office.