Texas Constitutional Carry

The term “democracy” is often used erroneously to describe our system of government. It seems to be especially popular among politicians who happen to find their party out of power. “What he is doing is harmful to our democracy!” is almost a religious chant today.

But, if we don’t have a democracy, what do we have?

Our Union (not “nation” or “country”) was established with a representative republican form of government, but today we have lost the republic and our “representatives” seek office only to magnify and multiply their own opinions and votes, apparently.

Here’s what I mean: this year the Delegates to the Republican Party Convention in San Antonio set what they call “Constitutional carry” of firearms as the #1 priority for the majority Party in this session of the Texas Congress.

“Constitutional Carry” is bad terminology, but suffice it to say that it is meant to repeal the costs associated with legally carrying a firearm in Texas. Nothing about it would authorize anyone to carry if they couldn’t qualify under the present law and pay the associated fees and licenses.

A new Speaker of the Texas House was elected for this session after several sessions under Joe Straus, a man most conservative Republicans thought far too liberal. Dennis Bonnen proceeded to follow in Straus’ tracks almost step by step, appointing liberal Democrats to Chair key committees that would handle conservative legislation, including Constitutional Carry.

That should have cued anyone to know that Bonnen was opposed to this legislation that is overwhelmingly supported by his own Party, and has many supporters in the Democrat Party along with Libertarians.

The Bill had been stalled in the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee chaired by Pancho Nevarez (D) Eagle Pass for weeks before the well-publicized incident with Mr. Chris McNutt, Executive Director of Texas Gun Rights, so neither of these men intended to ever let this Bill get to the floor for a vote anyway.

Now it has been made abundantly clear that the Speaker just flat lied about what happened at his house in Lake Jackson as well as at a fundraising event at which he was scheduled to speak and stormed out after confronting Mr. McNutt.

The DPS Trooper’s testimony as well as bodycam footage shows that Mr. McNutt was unarmed and never stepped on the Bonnen’s property, regardless of what the Speaker says.

So, how can we have a representative republican government here in Texas if one man, in complete disdain for what the people want, stops proposed legislation from even getting a hearing?

If legislation with overwhelming support of the people cannot be heard or voted on we have an oligarchy, certainly not a republic!

 A Conroe lawyer, John Choate Jr., has seen the abuse of political power in our great State of Texas and has assisted many citizens.  Call the Conroe lawyer with your questions or concerns.


  • OldJarHead56

    Hard to know who is telling the truth. Whatever the case, I find it odd, that both Bonnen and Strickland would shut down a bill as important to millions of Texans, simply because they were “upset and offended.” If they really believed in Constitutional Carry, why kill it so quickly? It is like they were looking for any excuse to kill it. What is the real truth Here? Hmm?

    • S Pendry

      Bonnen is lying. He doesn’t want to pass Constitutional Carry. Period. That is blatantly obvious given his moniker for the legislation as “Criminal Carry”. McNutt did NOT approach Bonnens home, but approached the two DPS officers who were stationed at Bonnen’s home. McNutt did NOT have a weapon on his person when he canvassed any of the neighborhoods. Politicians have zero problem knocking your your door at dinnertime come election season. Yet, if they are in Austin (spending most of their time on “do nothing” legislation that only helps those filling their election coffers), they are offended if someone talks to the people who put them in office in their districts. Hmmm, wonder why. Strickland bailed under pressure and was aggravated by McNutt because McNutt had the audacity to take his case to the people. Bonnen does’t want his position known to those who elected him. He wants to hide behind the closed door deals in Austin to avoid accountability. Bonnen’s Theatrics are nothing more than a smoke screen to obscure what he is really doing. But, hey, he can get the Hemp for sale in Texas passed through the Texas House. Wonder how much the Hemp lobby is padding Bonnen’s checking account.

  • SD Wheeler

    Perhaps Bonnen spokeswoman Cait Meisenheimer needs to address her boss with the Law of Holes because apparently “rock bottom” has a basement. Let’s be truthful here, Texas Tribune. Bonnen did not just approach McNutt at the fundraiser. He blatantly assaulted him while screaming obscenities at him. When told to calm down because he “represents all Texans” Bonnen screamed “I DON’T WORK FOR ANY OF YOU!!!”The speaker of the Texas house told constituents he doesn’t work for them while having to be restrained from physically assaulting a private citizen then ushered out by his own people. That’s the truth. Problem is….we’re not getting that truth from any of Texas media outlets nor is the governor doing a damn thing about it. His behavior is blatantly out of control and unfit for a man in his role as the leader of the House. Our state is far too important to be run by bullies and thugs. His appointee, Panic Button Poncho, should have been arrested last session when he physically assaulted Matt Rinaldi ON THE HOUSE FLOOR then threatened to kill him in the parking lot. Despite this knowledge, Bonnen appointed him to one of the most security-sensitive positions in Texas. That shows either a dramatic lack of intelligence or a blatant disregard for procedure and decorum in our capital. Witness Ponchos own quote on the HB357 issue….”He’s full of shit.” Yeah, that’s exactly the type of rhetoric I want in a state legislator. If this is the level of behavior we now accept in this state from our legislative representatives why not just debate bills in the parking lot with baseball bats? That’s where a Bonnen-led house is headed anyway.

    • SD Wheeler

      The real truth is Bonnen even admitted he does not believe in Constitutional Carry and blatantly misrepresented the bill as “Criminal Carry.” He used Chris’ canvassing of his district as an excuse to squash the bill and intimidated Stickland into dropping the bill or Bonnen would kill Stickland’s other bills. All of them. When you appoint a rabid, Well-known anti-gun DEMOCRAT to the chair of the one committee hearing all gun rights bills that says it all.

  • Bandera Gun Club

    No one is taking away our gun rights in Texas. Good article

  • James Herron

    I live 3/4 mile from the border to Mexico. Many times we have had Mexicans in our yard and ringing the door bell late at night. I need right to carry to protect my family

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