Controversy surrounds the topic of marijuana as many states have legalized its possession for medical and other uses. Some claim it’s the cure for cancer while others say it’s the scourge of society. While we’re not activists for recreational use, we are realistic that people will continue to use this plant for a variety of reasons.

In Texas, marijuana possession remains an offense that places you at the mercy of law enforcement. You may find yourself playing a game of legal chess with the district attorney and prosecutor.

People make mistakes. The person you are now is most likely not the person you will be in ten years . We like the idea of fresh starts for people. In fact, we like that idea so much that we’ve have invested immense time and effort in learning the specific laws and statutes that, in the right situation, can in some cases result in complete dismissals for our clients.

Your attorney’s role is to mediate for you and obtain the best deal they can. John Choate Law regularly challenges evidence rules. We are not scared to ruffle feathers at the courthouse if that’s what it takes to bring about justice. Your initial consultation is free. See what we can do for you.