John E. Choate Jr., the Conroe lawyer who fights to win YOUR case.

Established in 1995, John Choate, Jr became a lawyer because he cares about helping his clients who are facing life changing events. Focused on clients in Montgomery County and surrounding counties, our office carefully and thoroughly prepares each case regardless of the severity of the case. This preparation starts at the initial case evaluation which is when we meet with prospective clients to discuss their details. It goes on as we prepare for court. This preparation routinely uncovers important facts that could lead to a successful resolution of your case.

Our office takes pride in our reputation as thoughtful, skilled, and knowledgeable in the field of criminal defense, civil and litigation. Every court filing, appearance, and telephone call should be focused on meeting client goals and ensuring that the matter is resolved in a matter that benefits the client. This may involve exploring conventional methods for relief, such as a lawsuit, and unconventional methods, such as out of court mediation.

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Our Commitment

It's our commitment to serve each and every client diligently and thoroughly. How do we achieve that? John Choate is trained in the time-tested art of courtroom advocacy and the latest technology, forensic techniques, and investigative strategies.

We are prepared to respond to your case at once and take all the proper steps to ensure the best response to your case. No two cases are the same and so our strong track record of success shows our ability to find a way to get our client’s charges dismissed or reduced time and time again. John Choate’s consistent record of success has earned him respect throughout Montgomery County and surrounding counties, in the Montgomery County Bar Association, and with the judges and prosecutors with whom we work.

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Attorney at Law

John Choate, Jr.

John graduated from the University of Houston, obtaining a B.S. in finance and Juris Doctorate from West Michigan's Thomas Cooley Law School. John has practiced law for 20+ years in Montgomery, Harris, and the surrounding counties.

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Bryan Trapp

Bryan's experience working for military and paramilitary organizations characterize his role as a technology and operational asset.

Our Promise


  I will fight for your rights, file motions, and object--emotionally if needed--to your injustice. I am passionate about providing a successful outcome for you and take great pride in providing criminal and family clients-quality legal services.

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