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We are a Conroe law office focused on winning your case. Established in Spring 1995, we serve the Conroe area, including Montgomery, Harris, and surrounding counties. Founded on the pillars of respect, diligence, and loyalty, we are here to help you through the most difficult times in your life. Make an appointment to find out what we can do for you. Call for a free initial consultation from a lawyer right here in Montgomery County.

Our Commitment

We give you our word: It's our commitment to serve each and every client diligently and thoroughly. How do we achieve that? We operate internally with systems of checks and balances, with oversight that ensures extraordinary results for our clients.

Picture of John Choate

John Choate

John graduated from the University of Houston, obtaining a B.S. in finance and Juris Doctor from West Michigan's Thomas Cooley Law School. John has practiced law for 20+ years in Montgomery, Harris, and the surrounding counties.

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Dawn M. Yuengel

A graduate of the Center of Advance Legal Studies, Dawn's extensive administration and research experience empower her to provide excellent litigation and case management support.

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Bryan Trapp

Bryan's experience working for military and paramilitary organizations characterize his role as a technology and operational asset.

Our Promise


 I am passionate about providing a successful outcome for you and every citizen of Conroe and Montgomery County. I will fight for your rights, file motions, and object--emotionally if needed--to your injustice. I take great pride in providing criminal and family clients-quality legal services.

Your initial consultation is free.

The News

15. Jan

The Ethics of Lawsuits Filed By Christians

Should Christians File Lawsuits? Should a Christian file a lawsuit or not? Are lawsuits ethical or not? John Choate, Jr, a Conroe lawyer opens up the discussion biblically. For many in the Conroe area, asking a lawyer if lawsuits are ethical might seem absurd. However, followers of Jesus should always weigh the ethics of any …
10. Jan

Drug Trafficking Vs. Drug Possession

When dealing with drug trafficking and drug possession, you need to understand the difference between the two charges. Also, where to find a Conroe lawyer with the experience. Definitions Drug Trafficking: The sale and distribution of illegal drugs. Drug Possession: Possession of a drug without a valid prescription in a quantity usable for consumption or …


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