We handle all types of Adoptions in Montgomery County, whether private or through an agency such as Catholic Social Services, LDS Social Services, or the State. We can also finalize a foreign adoption, resulting in a Texas court order and Texas-issued birth certificate. Our team will ensure your adoption is done right, without unnecessary delays.

Montgomery County Stepparent Adoption

The most common form of adoption is when a stepparent assumes financial and legal responsibility for his/her spouse’s child(ren), releasing the non-custodial parent from all parenting responsibilities. While this procedure is generally simpler than other types of adoption, stepparent adoption law varies from state to state. These laws address issues such as consent from the non-custodial parent, how long the stepparent and biological parent must be married before an adoption petition can be filed, whether a home study is required, and other issues. We can help you navigate these concerns.

Adoption Tips

Adoption is one of the types of cases that a family lawyer deals with at times, this specific area of law has its own unique circumstances. Family lawyers have to deal with the individual people involved in what are the generally very complex interpersonal situations. Relationships in a general sense are following sets of principal, “treat other people the way you want to be treated when relationship defaults into a bankruptcy of sorts, sometimes other need to step in and help carry each other burdens.

Children aren’t so complex and need have a fairly scripted needs list, we can assist by offering the best and brightest, counseling from our list of what we feel are the best and brightest formally trained counselors and therapists to make these transitions as easy as possible.

Children normally feel a deeper loyalty to their birth parents, than the parents feel for them, and the easy to deal with transitioning from one parent to the other would be to just place them in the situation, unfortunately, it’s not always that easy, nor will they always tell you exactly whats going on in their minds, because I’m not sure they can put it into words. I don’t want to be a wet blanket on anyone’s dreams of adoption, nor cast doubt that its the right thing to do in many situations,  rather upfront about the potential problems a person might experience as part of an adoption.