A Montgomery County Lawyer Talks About Kratom.

It’s our opinion  that in the early 2000’s, The pain management Doctors of America started overprescribing many drugs, leading to whats known as “The opioid crisis.” Pharmaceutical companies also played a big part in creating the epidemic by marketing the drugs as safer than they actually are.

In 2017 64’000 people died from known opioid overdoses.

Deaths attributed to the opioid crisis is 64'000 in America

What we like about kradium is that it does not depress breathing, opioid drugs all depress the breathing.

If you see anyone overdosing on opioids breathing shallows until breathing stops. Call 911 regardless of the situation, (many co-users have watched a partner die because they were scared of the consequences) The truth is a co-user could be held responsible for manslaughter in letting a peer die as a result of non-action.

Call 911 make sure you tell the operator the responder will need Narcan and begin rescue breaths.


Kratom is an over the counter natural product that many opioid drug users say helps them come off the harder drugs. The DEA disagrees about its potential for abuse.

We have mixed feelings about substituting one drug for another, but some people feel it helps.  The problem is that in our opinion, lawmakers and the pharmaceutical industry helped create the problem in addicting thousands to dangerous drugs, now we have a population wanting help from whatever source they can find it, but the law of unintended consequences would make it available to all people including those who are not looking for relief, but looking to get a buzz.

kratom plan, in green leafy raw form

Kratom comes from Thailand, and its also illegal there to buy, sell, trade or possess.  however, no overdoses have been reported in Thailand, however, some have been reported in the U.S. the data becomes complex in that every case of overdose, other drugs have also been present.



As of January 2018, Kratom is legal without restriction everywhere in the state of Texas.



No pertinent legislation pertaining to kratom is pending or in the planned to be put to the vote. This means you can currently buy, sell, and possess as much kratom as you like in Conroe without concern over legal ramifications. Kratom’s legal status in Texas is perhaps a reflection of the state’s adoration of personal freedom.  Texas legislation tends to lean more towards granting more rights than restricting people.

We are not advocating drug use, the jury is still out on if kratom will, in fact, be safe for long-term use. However if someone is dealing with opioid addiction, I would prefer someone to take legal methods of avoiding relapse, however, we suspect the window of legality might be coming to a close in the near future, and for that reason, we suggest people take this golden window of opportunity to learn how to live sober.

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