Interview with city council position 4 runoff candidate Raymond McDonald

Raymond McDonald, was nice enough to meet with us last week and answer some questions we have about his city council runoff bid candidacy.


Ray thanks for meeting with us, it’s been an intense election season, can you tell us more about the reasons you wanted to be on city council? Why would you put your self into this arena, It’s a lot of work?

Yes, it is a lot of work, and I have been ask this question quiet often since I stepped into the arena. I have known for some time that I would be running for city council, I just wasn’t sure when that might be. Two years ago I was sitting at the Lone Star Convention Forum with my friend and it was then that I knew I would be running. I met with a “coach” for the year preceding the election in order to prepare my schedule, my life, and my family for the run. Since moving to Conroe in 2000 we have seen our city grow and we have seen our family grow, as we adopted 8 children to go with our 3 older. I also planted a church in the Uptown District (North of Downtown) and found myself becoming very involved with the city, participating in the parades and such, as well as becoming keenly interested and aware of in and of the issues our growing city is facing. I think my love for this city, my desire to see my 11 children and 5 grandchildren all live and grow up here, fueled my desire to engage in a more prominent way. I also felt my previous background in construction, engineering as well as dealing with people and their issues, gave me a good base to work from.

What do you see as the biggest obstacles for the city in the next 10 years?

 How we will handle explosive growth while retaining the livability and historic feel of our city. We will also have to deal with our “sprawl” which has come with aggressive annexation, and its challenges in regard our Fire and Police.

We’re building and our little city and seeing unprecedented growth, do you have a plan regarding the aging infrastructure?

 As I attend our city meetings, the City Council Workshops, CIDC, etc., I do feel we are ardently engaging these issues. So awareness is the first step and I think the City is there, however funding becomes challenge. So we must continue to be attractive to new businesses and new families even while we seek to supplement our budget through grants and state funding.

Any big legislative changes planned for your term?

 None in particular, having said that, I am very concerned, as are others, with the spiraling cost of water here in our city. I also stand strong with Texas legislature which is dissuading even prohibiting, in certain counties, forced place annexation.

What are the city’s untapped resources you plan on growing?

I see our Downtown as an unfinished jewel.  I hope we can continue to develop it as a destination spot for our city.  I also feel our arts, visual and performing, are just waiting for their season to explode onto the national scene.

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  • bornonthetide

    Were all rooting for you Mr. Mcdonald!

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