Fear of loss and what to do if you are being sued in Montgomery county ?

Montgomery County Civil Lawyer

A strange car pulls in the driveway, a man with a clipboard gets out of the car,  nocks on the door and you answer. In the most ominous voice, he says “Good afternoon, are you, Mr. Jones? I have some papers for you please report to the 359th courtroom in three weeks, you been served.” Process servers seem to run on melodrama. `

The psychology of being sued starts with a little pea shaped portion of your brain called the amygdala, You might know about its fight or flight response, It’s my job as your lawyer to engage the fight portion of that response of mind. You can’t back down in these situations, to quote Plato “we marshal our forces with all the strategy of war.”

The Process of being sued

Normally the process follows a fairly ordinary routine, notwithstanding exceptions.

  • Calculate your deadline to respond
  • Evaluate your options
  • Prepare a response
  • File your response with the court
  • Give plaintiff a copy of your response
  • Know what to expect next

 IMage of contract being signed in Montgomery county

A Civil lawsuit happy generation

Just because you are being involved in a suit is no indicator you have done anything wrong in fact many clients from many firms are found to have no wrongdoing and modern judges are good at figuring out what’s actually going on and getting to the bottom of it, but you can still be looking at settlements or default judgments if you do nothing or don’t prepare well.

Be at least few moves ahead in Civil Law

I’ve been surprised in court a few times, but normally I know the range of what to expect is fairly ordinary,  Perry Mason, Matlock, and surprises witnesses are the things of television. in the real world, prep work and a systematic approach always seem to win the day.

The Work of a Conroe Civil Lawyer

I love my work, my job lets me fight for justice on behalf of people of Montgomery county. I think those are my favorite days in court, “to be tired from a good fight,  fighting on my personal field of battle on behalf of of my clients.



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