Montgomery county sexual assault lawyer 

Montgomery county sexual assault lawyer

The issue of consent is tricky, very tricky, sometimes the only difference is sexual assault and consensual sex might be the rise of an eyebrow expressing interest, the tone of voice expressing inclination of interest, expressing those events to a jury is a job best performed by a serious, experienced and well-trained lawyer.

We can all agree that a line exists that actions match the definition of sexual assault, but as with all human relationships, gray areas exist. For example, consent can, in theory, be taken away? It’s commonly understood from case law that the act of having sex after a fight equals reconciliation? What if the woman is saying that the what the man understood as reconciliation sex was perceived as an assault on her?

man and woman committing sexual assault.

Legal Defenses

Each specific situation has legal defenses tailored to the situation, and the good news is that many times tailored legal defenses have the most positive outcomes. The #metoomovement has created a situation in which it becomes a tad trendy to be included in the victim-hood of having been a helpless woman. We don’t want to deter from the illegitimacy of real rape and sexual assault, the pain and consequences it causes is unimaginable, but we are saying that a lot of gray area situations are being sold to the public as legitimate rape, when in actuality a strong argument could be made that the women in such cases were, in fact, profiting from the situations more than they were taken from.

Forcible, violent and non-nonsexual sex are crimes

We are not proponents of lawlessness in any form, we take on our clients problems and demonstrate the surrounding evidence that contributed to the situations, many many times troubled women have been known to create and imagine situations in which they need a villain, and sometimes, healthy strong normal boys are (excuse the Don Quixote reference) but the imaginary dragon, the scourge of society and at this office we feel we have more realistic understandings of the working dynamics of such relationships.

Victims of sexual assault in Montgomery County can also contact  The Montgomery County women’s center for assistance at-



Priorities for Montgomery County parents divorcing of children with disabilities

Priorities for Montgomery County divorcing parents of children with disabilities

beautiful down syndrome child

Special considerations for Conroe divorce cases.

Divorce is always a difficult time for kids, children with disabilities might need different considerations to process the situation, we have a few tips that we wanted to share

 The clarity of your final decree of divorce is key

For example, a statement like visitation will be bi-monthly might mean every other month or every other week. The order involving medical care and community events also needs to be clearly laid out. “It’s a saying that he who signs an order in haste signs twice.”  It’s not that we want to drag anything out, in fact not at all, our experience shows that as fast as prudent is the most responsible, but the details all need to be attended to.

Inventory your child’s needs

We use a systematic approach to thoroughly divide the needs into two categories, short-term, and long-term. The short-term normally are normally repeating daily, monthly and yearly. long-term needs are normally one-time expenses, but can also involve short-term goals such as savings plans for higher education.

It’s highly likely that choices about schools, the reoccurring medical cost will not be contested, but the agreement still needs a language that gives a framework these  eventualities

It is important for divorcing parents to decide where their child will attend school and what accommodations they will need, how medical costs will be covered and where the child will receive any necessary medical care. Depending on your child’s needs and the specifics of your divorce, these decisions may be easy to make. If one divorcing parent is moving away or if your child needs extra care, both divorcing parents will need to decide what changes should be made.

Long-term visitation is on the table for the noncustodial parent, if planned correctly

Most of the time, one parent steps up to be the caregiver, while one parent is normally tasked with being more productive in business, one thing to consider is that if you plan your personal life to live near your child as a non-custodial parent you can arrange for  longterm visitation

Make Communication a Priority

The best way for divorcing parents and their children to handle a divorce is through clear communication. When divorcing parents communicate effectively with one another, their child’s needs are more likely to be met. Additionally, honest communication between divorcing parents will make it more likely that each party gets what they want from the divorce.

What to do about disagreement

It’s the opinion every relationship is different and every situation needs to find a mutually enriching agreement in which all parties give and take to achieve harmony, some pieces of music will be simple and others complex, but ultimately mutual satisfaction needs to be the goal. I’m willing to fight your spouse and their counsel to make sure you get fair representation in your divorce.

Fear of loss and what to do if you are being sued in Montgomery county ?

Montgomery County Civil Lawyer

A strange car pulls in the driveway, a man with a clipboard gets out of the car,  nocks on the door and you answer. In the most ominous voice, he says “Good afternoon, are you, Mr. Jones? I have some papers for you please report to the 359th courtroom in three weeks, you been served.” Process servers seem to run on melodrama. `

The psychology of being sued starts with a little pea shaped portion of your brain called the amygdala, You might know about its fight or flight response, It’s my job as your lawyer to engage the fight portion of that response of mind. You can’t back down in these situations, to quote Plato “we marshal our forces with all the strategy of war.”

The Process of being sued

Normally the process follows a fairly ordinary routine, notwithstanding exceptions.

  • Calculate your deadline to respond
  • Evaluate your options
  • Prepare a response
  • File your response with the court
  • Give plaintiff a copy of your response
  • Know what to expect next

 IMage of contract being signed in Montgomery county

A Civil lawsuit happy generation

Just because you are being involved in a suit is no indicator you have done anything wrong in fact many clients from many firms are found to have no wrongdoing and modern judges are good at figuring out what’s actually going on and getting to the bottom of it, but you can still be looking at settlements or default judgments if you do nothing or don’t prepare well.

Be at least few moves ahead in Civil Law

I’ve been surprised in court a few times, but normally I know the range of what to expect is fairly ordinary,  Perry Mason, Matlock, and surprises witnesses are the things of television. in the real world, prep work and a systematic approach always seem to win the day.

The Work of a Conroe Civil Lawyer

I love my work, my job lets me fight for justice on behalf of people of Montgomery county. I think those are my favorite days in court, “to be tired from a good fight,  fighting on my personal field of battle on behalf of of my clients.